Love and Makeup 07: “Love but Make it Messy”

Love & Makeup 07: "Love but Make it Messy'" A bald head, some puppies and plus-size models... EP.2 of #tsrthickhouse is back and we're in for a ride!#blackdovedoc is back on and yet once again we get to see that relationships are WORK, but the good kind. You know...

Love and Makeup 06: “40 Years and a Divorce”

Love & Makeup 06: "40 Years and a Divorce'" XScape out sings SWV on #verzuz. Fight Me 😂The Shade Room collaborates with #fbwatch to bring you #thickhouse hosted by our favorites. Blogger and plus-size influencer Kelly Augustine, model and former ANTM contestant...

Love and Makeup 05 “She get it from her “mamá”

Love & Makeup 05: "She get it from her 'mamá'" In this episode of Love and Makeup, we talk about body dysmorphia, the love or lack thereof of women in different spaces, and some black-owned beauty gift ideas for Mother's Day.I love kee-keeing with you all every...

Love & Makeup 04: “Miss Jackson…if you nasty”

I'm back and I'm proud. In this episode of Love and Makeup, we talk about the ratchetry' that is Mr. Jackson his wife's appearance in the infamous video. We also discuss the loss of DMX and what his family and ex-wife must be going through. For my Bridgerton fans, we...


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