A Viral Dress and Tips for Wearing a Girdle

Have you ever seen a viral fashion trend and wondered if it could truly make you feel as fabulous as it looks on the internet? I recently encountered one of those trends: a viral sleeveless mock dress from H&M that had taken social media by storm. Skepticism...

When will stores truly be inclusive?

The SKKN vs SKN by LH controversy : It's a skincare war ya'll. If you don't know, Kim Kardashian is launching her skincare collection named SKKN on June 21st. The line is "born out of Kim's dream to bridge the gap between the world's most renowned dermatological...

Love and Makeup 09: “All Talk No Action”

Love and Makeup 09: "All Talk No Action" Naomi Osaka states "it's okay to not be okay". As I advocate for my own mental health, I have some thoughts about Osaka's comments. Although Black Love Doc is done for the season, relationship hurdles still need to be managed....


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