Love and Makeup 21: “Marriage is a Popeye’s Meetup Away”

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Love is a hard thing to come by, especially during a full blown pandemic… but did we have to tell the story about the couple that met at a popeye’s parking lot?!?!?! We’re getting into this story TUHDAY.

New LOVE movies are coming out, while some love documentaries are saying goodbye. Tyler Perry’s opus is nigh and as a former artist, I am excited for him!

Lastly, we have new makeup drops that are melanin friendly and have we just found Beyonce -approved makeup for acne-prone skin?

You know we like to Keep it Simple Sis.. let’s keke

In this episode, I talk about…

  • Feeling like it’s ME SEASON, I may or may not have cut my hair
  • The Popeyes marriage that broke the internet
  • Black Love’s final season
  • The Jazzmans Blues
  • Kevin on Stage New Book “Marriage be Hard”
  • New Makeup Drops
  • Beyonce approved makeup brand

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I Love kee-keeing with you every week, let us continue cutting it up on…

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Timestamps for ya’ll!!

0:52 “Missed all of August”
5:30 “Me Season”
24:40 “Black Love’s Final Season”
29:20 “The Jazzman Blues”
32:20 “Kevin on Stage “Marriage be Hard”
36:40 “Slutty Vegan X The LipBar”
38:40 “Patrick Starr OneSize x Fantasia”
40:00 “First Black-Owned Makeup Company to Land a Deal on SharkTank”

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