Love and Makeup 09: “All Talk No Action”

Naomi Osaka states “it’s okay to not be okay”. As I advocate for my own mental health, I have some thoughts about Osaka’s comments.

Although Black Love Doc is done for the season, relationship hurdles still need to be managed. I discuss Episode 3 where the couples talk about introducing children to the mix,

So many makeup drops and with everyone wanting a piece of the beauty industry pie, which beauty brands will you be supporting? After the BLM civil unrest in 2020, many brands vowed to make a difference in their companies and provide more representation but Refinery 29 says it is all performative. I have thoughts ya’ll!!#loveandmakeuppodcast #blackpodcasts #blacklovepodcast #blackkbeauty

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Here are the links to everything I discussed during the episode:

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