Love & Makeup 07: “Love but Make it Messy'”

A bald head, some puppies and plus-size models… EP.2 of #tsrthickhouse is back and we’re in for a ride!

#blackdovedoc is back on and yet once again we get to see that relationships are WORK, but the good kind. You know like the kind where you wake up in the morning and complain that you have to get up but when you get there you realize how lucky you are because you are doing what you love to do. It’s organic.

Speaking of organic and all things natural, the beauty industry is shifting directions AGAIN. Natural is in and it might be here for a LONG time. I give some insight on that and we have a FIRST BLACK OWNED K- BEAUTY BRAND on the market. #loveandmakeuppodcast #blackpodcasts #blacklovepodcast #blackkbeauty

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Here are the links to everything I discussed during the episode:

Porsha Williams Engagement

Thick House

Prince Collectors Edition Vault

Ariel X Morphe

Huda Kattan Glowish

Good Morning America Alex Rodriguez Concealing Blur Stick

Ami Colé

Dr. Gio: The First and Only K-Beauty Brand For and By Black Women
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