Love & Makeup 03: “Civil Unrest”- Dating a Black officer during Civil Unrest

How can you date an officer during this time?

It’s a question that I’ve been asked often in the past few months. Honestly, it’s been challenging and I had to really think about how I was going to move forward in both my partnership and society. How could I equally take part in the condemnation of police brutality and sleep next to a person who represents the very system that is oppressing my community?

Today I talk about how that’s been for my family and 3 Things to Help Ease Tensions in the household. These are ways that not only families in similar situations can implement, but also ways that allies and community members can utilize to continue to have an open and honest discussion about our current state and how we can move forward.

Here’s a link to NPR’s Here & Now’s broadcast “Black Lives Matter Co-Founder; Black Police Officers

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